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Additional Games or Kicking of the Ball

Let's talk about this here, since this is the community for HU, and I'm missing the discussion chasing it in other people's journals.

It seems the Team wants an additional weeknight game or practise. I'm down with that! On Monday night, Johan and I went walking through Intramural Fields. There was NO ONE there playing, and we discovered an extra field that's well-shaded and a little bit isolated that we think might be a rugby field. It would be a fabulous, centrally-located place to play.

Wylie's got a conflict with T/W/Th nights for the month of July, I believe. (If I'm wrong, W, speak up.) I will have a conflict with M and W nights beginning with the fall semester since I'll be in an evening class. So, that sounds to me like a Tuesday or Thursday night gathering might be just the thing. What do y'all think?
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