elahrairah (elahrairah) wrote in hangover_united,

sorry about the double posting

Tonight. Illuminati. Beerland. 8 o'clock. Yes 8. Lance Armstrong benefit, because the Illuminati are all about helping, caring, sharing, and leaving you dead in the park with a bottle of pain killers and a gash in your left wrist.

Tomorrow. The first duty of a footballer is to SHOW UP.

I think there is a lot of confusion about where things are happening sooooo let's go through this ONE MORE TIME. SUNDAY games are still held in the green space, near Barton Springs pool, on Robert E Lee. Wednesday whatever is happening somewhere else but SUNDAY (thats TOMORROW) is still happening EXACTLY WHERE IT DID LAST WEEK. I know I rarely arrive right at the stroke of 9 but let's all try.

For those that have not been to the new ground, it is pretty east to find. Take Lamar south and turn right onto Barton Springs. Turn left at the first light PAST Chuy's (which is on the right) on to Robert E Lee. There's a baseball diamond on the right and the parking lots are just past the diamond on the right. If memory serves there are two parking lots and you want the second one. In any case just look for the big lone tree by the big open field. And listen for the whistle.

That is all.
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