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Sunday Morning Match Report (and a VERY nice Ireland jersey)

"Well there's many say there's been too much scoring and others that a purely defensive game will bore the fans but we've had an ab-sa-loot cracker here at Barton Springs today."

"Aye that it has been. Of particular interest is the shift in tactics and mid-season transfers which have really shaken things up--particularly for the elahrairah side which was smashed to pieces so recently. I'm as much a suspect of new regulations as the next man but I think this time the FA have got it right. Its been terrifically exciting with no shortage of goal attempts by the strikers on either team."

"Aye its the defense. Now last week Jen was playing more of a mid-field position but due to injury has found herself in the defensive back but still fully capable--especially with Chris, whose skills make him one of the most versatile, not to mention talented players on the field. The relatively new lad Shane has made a fine debut with the HFC as keeper--another critical balancing point to the club. Did you know his girlfriend knows Kung-Fu?"

"Apparently she was involved in an altercation with no-less than Victoria Beckham at a swank Chelsea cafe."

[nervous laughter] "I'm assuming the soliciters are getting invloved?"

"That is my understanding. Speaking of course of the strong female presence no analysis of this game would be complete without mentioning the defensive play of Elizibeth who has made keeper-Myrick's job so much easier this afternoon."

"And its all the more impressive since in several cases today their 2-2-1 formation has led to some hair-raising incidents. She's been the keeper's only friend in several cases--and despite that only a lone long range belter from Wayne managed to slip past."

"Well a late equalizer by Caldwell changed the scope. They've have solid support from Ryan and the impressive rookie Shawn in the mid-field. I could hear that bizarre collision between Reeves and Caldwell all the way up here in the press box. Now in penalty time its Wayne to Phryday, Phyrday goes to shoot...OH MY...what a hard tackle from Elizibeth...no yellow card either...it chipped over...CALDWELL is breaking loose and picking up speed with Reeves in close support--is there time for one last charge? This crowd in excess of three is on its feet as they pass mid-field there's hardly a defender in site! Caldwell screaming bloody murder--this a man on a mission! Shane staring down the barrel here as time runs out at Barton Springs...Caldwell takes his shot...the whistle...WHAT A GAME!"


Who says 1-1 isn't fun? I two goals in the previous game, shot like a drunk sailor [0]this Sunday and I guarantee this Sunday was a whole 'nother world o'fun.

Now hark unto this all you Celtic-sorts. This Irish National jersey is being offered by a guy who I have dealt with before. In fact, I have one and possibly two Gunner jerseys I'm bidding on at the same time--so if I win they could ship together and save $. Super rare long-sleeve version, if I had the money I'd take it myself.

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